redneckstoner asked:
Anybody from texas? Preferably from DFW? Im just looking for some people to chill with. I love to have adventures and just hangout when I smoke.

BC Bud Anyone?

Hey I’m Kelly from B.C, I am just looking for some people to smoke with. I like to listen to records and play video games :) 

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So feel free to send an ask or submit

it’s the only way to find stoner buddies in your area !

Not looking for a relationship, but I love hanging out and smoking a bowl. Anyone in Spokane, WA feel like chilling?

looking for a relationship!(:


Well my name is frank and im currently living in Mcallen,Tx but planning on moving to the New Braunfels/ San Antonio Tx area. I smoke weed between 5-10 times a week. After smoking i love to walk around and explore nature, listen to music and have long conversations. I wanna find a girl who loves to do the same thing. im a pretty chill guy so hit me up!(:


Everyone must go smoke a bowl, or a joint, or both

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